Credit Card Fraud Detection using Deep Learning and Machine Learning Algorithms


  • Saba Zahid
  • Hafiz Muhammad Usman Hafeez
  • Muhammad Javaid Iqbal
  • Ali Asif
  • Sobia Yaqoob
  • Fozia Mehboob



Machine learning, Credit card, Fraud detection


Use of credit card is very common these days. And the number of frauds related to credit cards are also increasing. With the increase in the usage of internet, many organizations have shifted their work from offline to online. Same is the case with financial department. On one side, this thing has increased the ease of people but on the other hand, number of frauds have been tremendously increased. On one side, people are doing shopping without cash, paying bills without standing in long queues, doing booking online and on the other side fake accounts, scamming, credit card frauds have been increased resulting in huge amount of loss to financial system every year. Fraud is a criminal activity done by un authorized person. Credit card frauds are very common these days. There are many types of credit card frauds. Sometime they do fake calls or messages and sometimes they steal customer’s online information. Many techniques using machine learning models have been implemented in order to stop these types of frauds. But fraudsters are sometimes by pass theses traditional protective systems and make successful transaction. Traditional machine learning models are not capable enough to detect frauds using sequence of data. For this purpose, neural networks are recently used. In this paper, six machine learning algorithms are applied. Among them Random Forest and Extra trees classifier are best. And in case of neural networks, long short-term memory LSTM is best. Obtained results outperform the existed work that have been previously done in this field.